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Bradley James Nowell:
Singer • Songwriter • Guitarist • Digital Ambassador
“Sublime is a hodgepodge of all types of bands I have been into since I was a kid. Not like I mix it all up on purpose but more like its a subconscious type of thing. As a young kid I was heavily into hard core punk, like the Circle Jerks and Black Flag, then I first heard the ska sound from bands like The Selector and The Specials. I thought this was the best music I had ever heard. Then came the rub a dub style of dance hall reggae music which I've never been able get out of my head since! A little later I was into Run DMC and the whole NWA sound. I was blown away when I heard groups like BDP and KRS-One mixing rap and reggae. It was devastating. Without really trying I now seem to put a dance hall style lyric melody over much of my attempts at writing other types of music.

“The bottom line is I love good music and I try to shy away from all these labels that people think are so necessary to slap on music. It seems like people get afraid of a certain music if they can't pigeonhole it to their satisfaction. They will be up all night trying to slap a label on sublime. Good music is good music, and that should be enough for anybody.”

Eric Wilson:
Bass Guitar • God of Thunder

“We were in bands before... just mess around bands. I was in a band with the drummer and then we all got together and said, `hey let's start a band.' We are all original members now.”

Drum Kit • Accounts Receivable
“We're pro-choice. We think everyone should have the right to smoke pot or not.”

Loui Dog
“... and fightin' it's all the same, livin' with louie dog's the only way to stay sane...”
- Brad
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